About us

The Neurosurgical Academy of West, Central and East Africa (NSAWCEA) is a scientific not-for-profit association made up of neurosurgeons (core members) practising in the three regions of Africa bearing its name as well as members from the international community and specialists of other fields related to neurosurgery.

We are committed to the encouragement of cooperation and friendship amongst neurosurgeons, sharing and disseminating knowledge and expertise in the field, while promoting education and training for adequate relief from sickness, of persons suffering from neurological diseases.

In collaboration with partners, our aims are met through scientific meetings, workshops, symposiums, courses, scientific publications and the organization of board exams for training and dissemination of neurosurgical knowledge.

Our official online journals are Art and Science of Neurosurgery and International Journal of Neurosurgery.


Honorary President I:

Honorary President II:

President Elect: Prof Abdullahi Jimoh, MBBS, FWACS, FICS

Secretary General: Prof Enoh N. Kingsly, MBBS, PGCert, FICS

Secretary (Examinations and Membership Affairs): Dr H. K. Shabani, MD, PHD

Treasurer: Dr Othman Kiloloma: MD, MMed, MSc.


Prof Abdullahi Jimoh (Nigeria)

Dr Okezie Kanu (Nigeria)

Dr Edward Komolafe (Nigeria)

Dr H. K Shabani (Tanzania)

Dr Othman Kiloloma (Tanzania)

Dr Nicephorus Rutabasibwa (Tanzania)

Dr Humphrey Okechi ( Kenya)

Prof Enoh N. Kingsly (Cameroon)

Dr Sagoba Youssouf (Mali)

Dr Emmanuel Kanumba (Tanzania)

Dr Laurence Lemeri (Tanzania)

Dr Japhet Ngerageza (Tanzania)

Dr Zarina Shabhay (Tanzania)

Dr/Mrs Florence Arrey Choumin Nguemaleu (Germany)

Dr John Jabang (Gambia)

Dr Bipin Chaurasia (Nepal)


Dr Gerald D. Mayaya (Tanzania)


Prof Z. H. Rappaport (Israel)

Dr Marco G. Rubin (Israel)

Dr David Michaeli (Israel)

Dr Kong Jun (China)

Prof Robert M. Galler (USA)

Dr Rajendra Prasad (India)

Prof Roger Hartl (USA)

Prof Wai Poon ( Hong Kong)

Dr Bruce Hall ( Australia)

Dr Vikas V (India)

Dr Daniel L Barrow (USA)

Dr Paul K. King (USA)

Dr Bipin Chaurasia (Nepal)

Dr Starodumov Aleksandr (Russia)

Dr Pengrin Oksana (Russia)