Education and Exams

Neurosurgical Academy of West, Central and East Africa organizes training courses from time to time, for both junior and senior trainees in neurosurgery. An examination for the award of fellowship certificates to successful candidates also takes place every January of each year at a date announced by the Examinations Committee.

To be eligible for the fellowship examination, a candidate must fulfill the following conditions:

1. He/she must have finished training and is fully registered with the neurosurgical board of his/her country of practice.

2. He/she must have registered for and payed the examination fees. He/she must  have also forwarded copies of his/her application form, CV, basic medical degree, internship certificate and neurosurgical board certification to the Examinations Committee or Secretariat.

Special cases/applications for fellowship exams (such as final year trainees awaiting certification) will be considered by the Examinations Committee. Candidates who wish to apply as special cases will have to forward all necessary documents accompanied by a letter of introduction from their heads of departments and a logbook of operations performed not less than 12 months before date of examinations.

For more information, please, contact the Secretariat by sending an email to:

Resident Curriculum Guidelines for Neurosurgery